Gary Filer Optometrist, Manukau. South Auckland's leading independent optometrist. Comprehensive eye tests. Massive range of glasses and contact lenses, and great prices!

The optometrist who believes you deserve more

  • More cutting-edge technology
  • More comprehensive eye examinations
  • More expertise & professionalism
  • More service & guidance
  • More specs for less dollars
  • More frames & lenses
  • More convenience

This is not your average optometry practice. Everything is driven by a real love of optometry and a desire to see that patients get the very best treatment, service and products without paying over-the-top prices.

The essence of which is captured in this genuine feedback...

"I like his enthusiasm. He's got the latest equipment and he's obviously right up-to-date with what he's doing. I was very impressed."

More cutting-edge technology...

More cutting edge technology - corneal topography

Gary Filer Optometrist is arguably South Auckland's leading independent optometry practice. Gary established the practice in 1985 and it's now one of the largest in Auckland. Gary invests in the best high-performance equipment to ensure accurate, in-depth diagnosis of a wide range of eyesight issues. You'll find state-of-the-art machines such as...

  • The latest NIDEK air-puff tonometer with the softest and most comfortable puff of air for the measurement of intra-ocular pressure.
  • The latest Canon retinal camera to record the structures at the back of the eye. Retinal photography helps immensely with the on-going monitoring of eye health.
  • A state-of-the-art Optical Coherence Tomographer, which allows the optometrist to take a 3D scan through the retina. OCT scans allow for earlier detection and diagnosis of changes that may be occurring within the eye.
  • A Medmont Computerised Visual Fields Analyser for the examination of peripheral (side) vision. This helps with the diagnosis and monitoring of eye diseases such as glaucoma, and for investigation of neurological problems.
  • A sophisticated Corneal Topographer for 3D topographical mapping of the cornea (front of the eye). Corneal topography enables early diagnosis of some corneal conditions and is an extremely helpful tool in complex contact lens fittings.

More comprehensive eye examinations...

More comprehensive eye exams

"He's obviously right into it. He's gone right over the top and provides all sorts of services you can't get elsewhere."

We do not use the common tactic of "cheap" or so-called "free" eye examinations to lure you in so we can work out what to SELL you. Instead, our eye examinations are exceptionally thorough and designed to assess the health of your eyes and diagnose any problems as early as possible. We cater for everyone's needs without discrimination...

  • Adults & children
  • Diabetics
  • Reports for employers
  • Specialised airline pilots' eye certifications.
  • Diagnosis of eye disorders, e.g. cataracts, dry eyes, glaucoma, keratitis, retinitis, etc.
  • Treatment of common eye complaints, e.g. conjunctivitis (including prescriptions).
  • Eye injuries, e.g. removal of foreign objects. We are ACC accredited (no doctor referral needed).

More expertise...

More expertise

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and highly trained professionals means your precious eyesight is in good hands. Gary selected his team for their qualifications, wealth of diverse knowledge, and service ethos. In fact, clients are generally so impressed with the treatment they receive that they stay with us for years and often refer family and friends.

"My daughter has been going to Gary for years and kept saying, "Oh Mum, go to Gary Filer, he's really good and you get great service." So on that recommendation I went because I know she wouldn't put up with crap service!"

More service & guidance...

More service & guidance

There's no hard-sell at Gary Filer Optometrist. Staff don't have sales targets and won't use high-pressure sales tactics on you. We're more focused on your eyes than your wallet...

"The lady that helped me choose the frames wasn't breathing down my neck. She looked at my face and told me what I needed, and put a few down and she'd move away for a while and let my husband and I talk about it. That made a difference, the fact that she wasn't hovering over me to make a decision. You don't want to be pressured. If she saw me looking a bit bewildered she'd come over and help me, so I was very impressed all round."

"Some of the other places I looked at were just focused on selling stuff. They're very much into the hard-sell. The people working in those sort of operations were a little indifferent and clearly there to sell stuff to make the numbers. That was my impression."

More specs for less dollars!

More specs for less dollars

Because we are one of the largest independent optometry practices in New Zealand, we have great buying power and the ability to import direct. And we pass these savings on to you with very competitive pricing that caters to all budgets.

"I was worried he was going to be more expensive than anyone else, but even though you've got the discount chains, everybody spends pretty much the same amount. If you want a plain, one-vision pair of spectacles - yes you can get them jolly cheap. But if you want transitions or a special lens and frames and stuff like that, the discount chains actually work out around the same price. I've known a lot of people that have gone there thinking it was cheaper."

"The premises are large and he has a lot of staff so when I first walked in I was thinking "Well, there's a lot of overheads here so his prices are going to be expensive." But those initial and completely unjustified reservations were very quickly dispelled. He wasn't expensive at all, he was very much market level. You'd be hard pressed to find a better service anywhere else in my experience."

More frames & lenses...

More frames & lenses

Gary has always put more emphasis on his patients than his own comfort. So it was only natural that he kept the size of the back office areas modest to allow for an impressively generous showroom (130m2) with a huge selection of frames and lenses to choose from...

"It's a big, bright showroom with lots of mirrors and frames and all sorts of accessories. His staff have all been very polite and professional and willing to help. As far as I'm concerned, it's a class operation."

"They have a vast range of options both in glasses and contact lenses. Their display is wonderful and so many to choose from."

The range includes current models of very desirable, brands such as Guess, Gucci, Diesel and Oroton - just to name a few. There's a variety of looks from classic through to the very latest contemporary styling, so you know there'll be something just right for you.

More convenience...

With a super-convenient location you won't have to search the streets for a car park, or worry about parking meters. There's oodles of parking outside, and even a lift inside for easy wheelchair access to the first floor showroom.

The handy location, just off the motorway, makes it easy for people coming from all over Auckland. Some even make the trip from places like Whitianga, Hamilton and Huntly!

Simply take the Te Irirangi off-ramp and you'll find Gary Filer Optometrist right there on the corner of Cavendish Drive & Great South Road.

We are THE eye test specialists...